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tisdag 30 april 2024

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Botany Prompts

    Agave  Write a revelation that happens in the time it takes the character to sew a tiny garment.   Blue Hibiscus  Write about a quarreling household that is preparing for an unprecedented season of frost. How do they find a moment of peace and grace?  Manzanita  Write a character that discovers a strange shape when they cut open a piece of fruit.   Wormwood  Write a trail of childhood objects on a rocky footpath for a beloved to find.   Mugwort  Write about a talisman that has protected your character’s family from a particular creature. What happens when the talisman doesn’t work for your character?   Summer Snapdragon  Write a character that notices a drastic and mysterious change in the landscape outside their window. What do they learn from the mystery? Stolen: From Lunar Magazine Botany What are the different types of plants and their behaviors, and how can I study and understand them?
måndag 29 april 2024


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Body Building Prompts

1 Sick And Tired Of Doing BODY BUILDING The Old Way? Read This 2 How To Make Your Product Stand Out With BODY BUILDING 3 Fall In Love With BODY BUILDING 4 The Lazy Man's Guide To BODY BUILDING 5 The Best Way To BODY BUILDING 6 The BODY BUILDING That Wins Customers 7 Learn How To Start BODY BUILDING 8 10 Warning Signs Of Your BODY BUILDING Demise 9 World Class Tools Make BODY BUILDING Push Button Easy 10 Do BODY BUILDING Better Than Barack Obama 11 Here Is What You Should Do For Your BODY BUILDING 12 Lies And Damn Lies About BODY BUILDING 13 Fear? Not If You Use BODY BUILDING The Right Way! 14 You Can Thank Us Later - 3 Reasons To Stop Thinking About BODY BUILDING 15 What You Should Have Asked Your Teachers About BODY BUILDING 16 10 Best Practices For BODY BUILDING 17 3 Ways To Have (A) More Appealing BODY BUILDING 18 How To Get (A) Fabulous BODY BUILDING On A Tight Budget 19 Fascinating BODY BUILDING Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow 20
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Aerial Yoga I want to try [aerial yoga/meditative aerial arts] for relaxation. Can you recommend [studios/classes] that offer [guided sessions/relaxing poses]? .... Agility What are some [agility drills/exercises] to improve [speed/coordination]? Agility What are some [agility ladder drills/cone exercises] to improve [speed/coordination]? .... Aging What are some [lifestyle habits/supplements] that can slow down [specific aging process]? Aging What are some [anti-aging products/lifestyle habits] to maintain [youthful appearance/energy levels]? Aging What are some [brain exercises/activities] to maintain [mental sharpness/cognitive function]? Aging What are some [lifestyle changes/supplements] to improve [joint health/flexibility] in older adults? .... AI Assisted Doctor I want you to act as an AI assisted doctor. I will provide you with details of a patient, and your task is to use the latest artificial intelligence tools such as medical imaging software and other machi

Prompts: Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising How can I create and optimize a Sponsored Products campaign on Amazon to drive more sales and improve my product visibility? Amazon Advertising What are the best practices for setting up and managing Sponsored Brands campaigns to increase brand awareness and sales on Amazon? Amazon Advertising How can I leverage Sponsored Display ads to target and retarget potential customers both on and off Amazon? Amazon Advertising What are the essential components of a successful Amazon advertising strategy that will help me maximize return on investment (ROI)? Amazon Advertising How do I conduct keyword research for Amazon advertising campaigns to target the most relevant and profitable search terms? Amazon Advertising What are the best practices for optimizing my advertising budget and bidding strategy on Amazon to achieve my desired advertising goals? Amazon Advertising How can I use Amazon's advertising analytics and reporting tools to monitor my campaign pe