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tisdag 4 juni 2024

Writing Prompts

1. Maybe my unconscious mind is too mercenary for that.

2. I mean, you're not even trying not to look like a pedophile, dude.

3. Feel free to hit that little X up there.

4. They would be forced to do gymnastics naked in a swelteringly hot room while the coach yelled at them, or they would be kidnapped and tied up with their own clothing.

5. Like most improvised stuff, I am sure it would be even better live, so I'll have to keep my eyes open for any trance-riff Australian jazz musicians showing up in Chicago.

6. Sorry for this stupid update of my boring, useless, pointless life.

7. News stories about crazed wildlife are some of my favorites, in case you haven't noticed this already, and prove my point about how nature should stay where it belongs, in designated areas.

8. The final time I flipped and yelled that when I got back to college I would sell the ring and buy drugs with the money.

9. We r good friends he is the most sweetest boy ever.

10. I know that I was well within my rights here, but part of me still wishes that I had thought to just throw the thing on the ground and leave.

11. More journalism: You can't get rid of a wild turkey by throwing a hair clip at it.

12. I believe that is what I am going to do.

13. Oh dear God, I don't feel alive...

14. All because of homecoming.

15. He was really into music, especially all that early New Wave that I had sort of been born too late for, like Talking Heads, Echo and the Bunnymen, Elvis Costello, Kraftwerk, and I liked to play his LPs after the baby went to bed.

16. I was looking through my scrapbooks from my year in Bahrain and remembering how in love I was with the wacky English-language daily paper there.

17. The day I died..

18. I am afraid of wild turkeys now.

19. Gav came after me and gave me big hugs.

20. One of many poetry workshops.

21. Don't like what you see?

22. I did so nicely but in no uncertain terms, and all seemed well.

23. For some reason I did, and then of course five minutes later I came to my senses, and tried to return the thing.

24. I said I didn't want the ring.

25. My name is Jordan.

26. Stupid homecoming.

27. Or what if I even had freely consented... would it become a regular thing?

28. In fact, it almost sounds made up.

29. I have never been the sort who gets crushes on celebrities.

30. Neway i do have somethin 2 cheer me up, vince is coming to the formal with me.

31. This is going to be crazy.

32. In a similar vein but at a much younger age, my friend Jenny and I used to play with Barbies at around six or seven years old and our Barbies were NEVER in normal scenarios but were always being tortured in a vaguely sexual way.

33. I need a nap.

34. A fight ensued.

35. One of my classmates turned in transcribed The The lyrics instead of an original poem.

36. As he drove me home we would chat about all kinds of music, and sometimes hed even take an extra turn around the block to keep the conversation going.

37. The workshop leader ran it in the typical fashion, where we all received the week's work in a bundle a few days before workshop, to read and make comments on before it was discussed in class.

38. During the next two weeks I made four separate trips to his college to try and return the ring, and the same scenario played out each time.

39. I sure do.

40. I said no way, are you nuts, where is this coming from.

41. One time he took that turn and pulled over, and shut off the car, and kissed me, and I let it happen because I was young and in total shock.

42. I broke up with my high school boyfriend before I went off to college, because I knew it just would not last once I got the hell out of the suburbs.

43. He said no, keep it, I understand that we are over but I want you to have the ring.

44. I luv vince he is great.

45. They were probably in their mid-thirties and had a charming red-headed toddler, and I got along splendidly with the dad in particular.

46. Sophomore year of high school I used to babysit for these acquaintances of my parents.

47. He said just take it and think about it.

48. My diary, my space, my rights.

49. I wish i never met Jay and i wish i never did the things i did with him on the weekend.

50. Kiss thy lips of the wounded, and thee shall be redeemed..

51. And I think I have said way too much, and I need to close this Word document and shut the hell up before you all abandon me out of sheer Mimi Overload, but I just got back to the office after having tea with my mother at the Drake Hotel, a holiday tradition of ours, and now I am all hepped up on the Earl Grey and the little cucumber sandwiches.

52. I resolve to become a blabbermouth with a stronger ethical compass.

53. My Nan and Pop are coming down today.

54. Neway time 4 me 2 indulge myself in junk food and cry and try and get over that stupid p**** Jay....

55. When you're cut short of misery.

56. I will be leaving now.

57. Stinky cheese.

58. I heard a sample of these guys and was intrigued.

59. I can acknowledge that famous people are attractive, but people need to communicate with me, either in person or in text, before I get all gaga over them.

60. then i opened my.....

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