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Prompts - Story starters

1. Instead, he leant against the frame of the windows and gazed out across the sky escape, where he lost all sense of time.

2. Old Jas echoed. 3. But the eyes were bright, big, and quick to observe. 4. She tapped the tip of it, seemingly unconsciously, against the leg of the wooden coffee table. 5. Your takeover bid of AHP has been a success. 6. I hope you have an awesome day! 7. And Raquel Created Woman... 8. But you are too blind with your pain to see it just yet. 9. Go to the Index to select a Chapter... 10. Lloyd's face was an indecipherable mask; albeit, a very handsome one. 11. Actually, I was half thinking that - that you might help me... 12. What sort of god allows that? 13. Hey there buddy! 14. He found that there were two large windows by the top of the stairs which looked out at the street below. 15. He may not have been aware of that strength himself, but she saw it in his eyes. 16. It was a fine mahogany cane, tipped and capped with silver with a feline motif: a cats head with emerald eyes crowned the cane, and a silver tail traced a route part way down the length of it, and the handle. 17. He did as she asked. 18. Its bareness depressed him. 19. At the end of the hall was a door with a big, brass doorknob. 20. It was showing a news report. 21. About 'Jaselle'... 22. He slid along the counter that they sat at, until he had her backed into a corner, whereupon he commenced to mercilessly tickle her about the ribs. 23. She gazed into his striking face. 24. His mind tumbled into the sticky tar pit of hatred and rage that had almost drowned him. 25. Old Jas didn't respond, so he went on. 26. He decided that the rug was partly to blame for the musty smell. 27. Jackson was living again; for himself and for Claire Barnett. 28. Lloyd smiled pleasantly, obviously feeling right at home under the scrutiny of the news people and their probing questions. 29. If I knew one person who said they loved their body without exception, I would know more more liar. 30. There was a moments silence as the old woman studied Jackson's face. 31. He wasn't satisfied and requested that she repeat it, only this time, much louder. 32. I am glad you agree. 33. He pounded his fist against the frame of the window. 34. Jackson smiled wanly to himself. 35. The glass rattled. 36. It was so cold and empty... 37. He went on inside, finding the place deserted except for Robbie, who was attending to the bar. 38. When she saw that Jackson was sitting with the old woman, she raised one critical eyebrow. 39. He didn't fully understand why he was talking to her about any of this, but in away, it was a relief. 40. But Jackson didn't hear him. 41. He didn't appear to be brooding about the dead, and festering on revenge against the living. 42. As for Claire, she was riding high on the crest of a wave of happiness. 43. It was certainly far healthier, emotionally and physically, Raquel believed. 44. He turned to face Old Jas, who'd had closed the door and was now taking a seat on the old sofa, holding on fast to her cane. 45. The Barnetts had genuinely liked him, and they had passed away a pleasant evening. 46. He didn't really want an answer. 47. But you will, although I fear you will see the answer when it is too late to save yourself. 48. Hurrah for Gilmore Girls! 49. He wanted nothing to spoil those wonderful days of love that he had come to treasure. 50. He thought of Claire, and his insides cooled a little. 51. Lloyd Crane was now more powerful and richer than ever before even further from Jackson's reach! 52. Jackson felt intensely happy as he relaxed back into his seat, and yet he was afraid, too. 53. I've seen you on livejournal. 54. He examined the hallway; it was devoid of anything that may have brightened it or made it looked homely. 55. Her eyes squinted as she concentrated on his face and form. 56. There were her feelings to consider, too, he realised, and their mutual happiness. 57. 58. I remember that episode. It's fun.. 59. But he would find one, in the due course of time. 60. It seemed sterile and there was a heavy, rank and musty odor that lingered in the air. 61. There was an old wireless by one wall and an antique gramophone, as well as a large marble fireplace with an old clock on the mantle piece, both of its hands were curiously - missing. 62. There was a noticeable spring in Jackson's stride as he walked briskly from the tram stop to the front of Jaselle's. 63. Claire managed to find something good and hopeful in everything and everybody. 64. Did you write this yourself? 65. Jackson had met her parents on the previous evening, at a dinner arranged by Claire at the family's home in Toorak. 66. It was a fast, searing hot energy that, if not spent, would burn him alive. 67. The number 72 tram, bound for Prahran, was making its way towards the stop, so they made their farewells. 68. He wondered if he was placing too much trust and love in Claire. 69. Leave a Note... 70. They kissed each other tenderly, lingering on the taste and touch of each other's lips. 71. He frowned, not understanding the riddle behind her prophecy. 72. He felt certain that she had been a beautiful woman, more than sixty years ago. 73. Yes, he was in love, and he was being loved! 74. In so many ways, he was still a little boy who needed her; that needed shielding from the atrocities of a secret life that was waging a cruel war deep within him. 75. She studied the youth with a not unkind eye. 76. Jackson's feet drew him sluggishly closer to the television, while he asked Robbie to reach up and raise the volume; Jackson's eyes remained locked onto the image of the man, of his father, Lloyd Crane. 77. Her old eyes seemed to swell and grow, filling his vision and his mind. 78. Or was that just a part of folklore? 79. Pearly muttered to Jackson. 80. He had to find something onto which he could direct, or else explode. 81. My grandpa was also diagnosed with alzheimers- its horrible to watch. 82. Jackson's brow creased, as he wondered how she knew about Claire. 83. She leant closer to him, relying on her cane for support. 84. Jackson had switched off. 85. It also told him something about its lone occupant, but he wasn't precisely sure what. 86. It reminded him of prison. 87. But he turned away from that. 88. Why did he feel so uncomfortable in that room? 89. the idea is intriguing shuddering realization house understatement contemplating apartment interesting wanted sprinkling occasional intriguing streets minutes decided squeamish sprinkles guestbook destroyed water night though little couldn before around when swirling subfloor starting sprinkle shit santiago realized munchkin mistaken mangrove life dreaming downpour counting computer dog upset today still sound other hours going witless weekend webring through stepped shudder rampage putting promise parents nervous mexican massive kitchen imagine finally excited besides because anyways waters turned trying survey sucked street square season scared please people nearly nation member looked got freeze forget filled egrets during dreams donkey dinner coming carpet browse broken bottle behind anyhow 90. I'm not that interesting. 91. Even though it's starting to show not quite three year old wear; it's still the house of my dreams.... 92. Oh the shuddering! 93. Back at home in Santiago Ix., I stepped out for dinner. 94. During the rainy season, the streets fill with water and people get around by canoe. 95. So today, she's contemplating life behind a gate in the kitchen... 96. One Nation... 97. Once I got the taste of life in a house, in my OWN house, I realized that I loved it and wanted more of it. 98. It looked like one of those sprinkle-all-night skies. 99. To say I was upset would be a massive understatement. 100. This site is a member of WebRing. 101. And before I could get past the main square, the sprinkles turned to a downpour. 102. For Matt, come home safe and sound! 103. I am not very squeamish, but putting my foot up to the ankle in the murky waters of a Mexican street makes me shudder. 104. I found it when she hit subfloor and I heard a very weird dog nails on wood sound and decided to see what she was up to. 105. Shuddering, shuddering all night. 106. Yep, I'm nervous, excited and scared witless, but it *is* the right thing to do. 107. And the streets filled with water. 108. It ain't easy being a Molly. 109. It won't take five minutes, I PROMISE! 110. It was sprinkling. 111. Because swirling around in that water, besides the occasional broken bottle, the trash, the oil, anti-freeze, and other car muck, is shit. 112. Today is THE day... 113. Dog shit, donkey shit, horse shit. 114. Now the dog, on the other hand, nearly had her life taken last night. 115. I wanted to OWN this house. 116. That sweet little dog of mine had been trying to dig up the carpet. 117. Anyways, it's now down to T minus 2 hours 44 minutes and counting. 118. Please don't forget to answer my survey... 119. I haven't been that upset at her since she ate my computer when she was a puppy. 120. I'm not going to have the house destroyed by a little munchkin-dog on a rampage. 121. When I lived with my parents, I couldn't wait to move into an apartment. 122. It was the house I'd spent years dreaming about. 123. It's just the realization of a dream of mine is finally coming true. 124. Many of your know that when we first got a look at this house before we even decided to rent it, I wanted this house. 125. This is going to be a LONG two hours.

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